In this tutorial lets create a biological cell under electron microscope. You can use this effect for any biological cell renderings.

Press m on your keyboard to open 3dsmax material editor, name the first free material slot as electron.

(Refer Picture1)

2. From the maps slot choose diffuse map and click on the button labeled None, it will open Material/Map Browser, and select falloff map from the maps listed.

(Refer Picture 2)
(Refer Picture 3)

3. Use the following color settings for the falloff map.

(Falloff Settings)

4. Now go back to the maps rollout and choose the self-illumination map. this map gives a nice glowing/illumination effect on the cell in the renders. Create a new falloff map for this also, and give it the proper settings as shown below.

(Falloff setting for self-illumination map - make both colors white)

5. Now for the final step go back to the maps rollout and add nosie map to the bump slot, because the cell surface under electron microscope will show a bumpy surface. And give the settings stated below.

(Noise Settings)

Our material is ready , apply it on any object and render. You can also use Catmull-Rom as antialiasing filter to get sharp effect.

Take a look at the render, done with Default scanline render in 3dsmax.