Mathilda Rigged CG character for Maya

Mathilda Rig Feature:

* Animschool Picker. Special thanks to Animschool for developing this very useful technology! We also develop some useful function for this rig. Check the help document we created to see more details.
* Advanced facial control: Sticky lip, Eye scale, Bendy head, Fleshy eye, Secondary control, etc
* IK/FK limb control: The key framed position of IK or FK can convert with each other by using picker.
* Stretch Spine, Limbs, bendy Limbs.
* Hand and foot control system: additional attributes allow easier control of the rig.
* Auto interaction: The jacket will automatically interact with gravity when you rotate the body. The eyelash will also bend when you pull the eyebrow down.
* Easy shader loading: All the advanced shaders(Subsurface scattering, procedural) are saved in another file. So rig will not be too slow when you create the rig reference. By using the picker, you can easily assign all the advanced shaders to the model.
* N-hair is available for this rig. Check the help document we created to see how to render and simulate n-hair.
* Global Scale: scale the size of the rig.

The purpose of this project is providing a free high-end character rig for animation students to develop their professional portfolio. Any type of commercial use or crime with this rig is forbidden.