Upcoming Birthdays - Jomsocial application -  for Joomla 1.7 and Jomsocial 2.4

Latest Update : December 01 2011

Version 1.2

Download and install through extension manager, like any other plugin, and enable it. You can see Upcoming Birthdays of your friends in your profile page.

Users  themselves can control parameters like

  • Time period (no of days from now)
  • Online status - Displays whether the friend is online or offline
  • With show age or hide age.
  • No of birthdays to display.
  • Custom header
  • Can be added or removed like any other application

Updated for a complex scenario.

( if friends birthday fall on next year (eg Jan 15 2012), and current date is Dec 1 2011
then giving the period of 50 days doesnt display the birthday on Jan 15. )

this is fixed with version 1.2

now it will display birthdays from the following year and within the specified period.

[download id="16737"]

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