Realistic Mars 3d model with moons of Mars

Realistic 3d model of Mars, with 16k texture map for 3ds max with Mental Ray setup.

Mars 3d model features

  • Nurbs sphere, no linear edges at any distance from the surface, adapts to camera distance.
  • Realistic atmospheric haze, with orange hue, transparent at the viewpoint and thickens away from the view.
  • Dynamic Day and night shading, responsive to lit and dark areas.
  • Terminator line or atmospheric reddening effect over the regions of sunset.
  • Atmospheric haze fades into the darkness of space.
  • Color variations can be achieved with gradient ramp
  • Included Mars moons Phobos and Deimos with realistic texture and bump maps
  • You can tweak the maps and color variations to create an entirely new class of alien planet.
  • 3ds max Mental ray setup, optimized for faster render times.

Texture Details

  • 16384 x 8192 (16K) resolution diffuse texture for close up renders.
  • 16384 x 8192 (16K) resolution Normal map.

Filesize: 103 MB

Perfect 3D model of Mars for Realistic render, animation and space scenes or low orbit scenes.

Realistic Mars 3d model Preview

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