Tropical fish 3d models

20 species of tropical fish 3d models, ready for creating virtual aquariums and underwater scenes. Low-poly models with photo-realistic textures, low impact models, perfect for creating a large school of fish. Contains various species of Butterfly fishes, Tang fishes, trigger fishes, puffer fish, tiger barb, silver-tip tetra, Discus fishes, whale shark, box fish, sun fish, and coral fish.

Tropical Fish 3d models features

  • 20 photo realistic models
  • Low poly models, UVW mapped, textures ranging from 512 pixels to 1024 pixels.
  • models can be rigged and animated.

Included various 3d formats – 3ds max and Obj. Perfect for any kind of visualization, illustration and animation.

  • Polygons: 1,000 each
  • Vertices: 1,000 each

Tropical Fish 3d models collection Preview

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