Candle 3d model with Animation

Candle 3d model with Animation. Photo-realistic Candle with fire/flame animated for 100 frames. The entire scene consisting of Candle and Flame are textured with 3ds max standard materials and procedural shader.

High resolution quad faced candle mesh with 3ds max material for simulation of Sub surface scattering ( SSS ), the texture is achieved with 3ds max Gradient ramps and Fallof maps. You will get good texture resolution at any distance form the camera. You can also customize colors and maps to simulate a different color for Candle.

Flame of the candle is created with polygons and procedural shader applied to simulate the nature fire or flame of theĀ  candle. Contains 100 frames of animation. The fire color and other map parameters can be tweaked to simulate the different characteristics of fire.

  • Polygons: 14,160
  • Vertices: 13,723

Candle Animation preview

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