cebas Visual Technology Inc. has just released its 11th service pack for finalRender 3.5 as well as for the integrated and standalone finalToon 3.5.

The build is targeted to provide specific fixes to rare crashes as well as to further support the core of our rendering power-tool.

Thanks to the feedback of our extremely talented and professional user base, cebas is able to constantly improve its products’ features and performances in a significantly short amount of time.

Changes in finalRender 3.5 Service Pack 11 include:

  • CORE: A few issues with caustics producing inaccurate surfaces as a result are now fixed
  • CORE: Rare incidents of crashing with extruded splines have been addressed
  • SHADERS: Rare incidents of the velvet shader causing 3ds Max to crash have been addressed
  • SHADERS: Gradient 3d map rollout is now added
  • SHADERS: Issues with tension and curvature are also fixed